Monday, January 2, 2023

what is a scroll test?

A scroll test is a type of usability test designed to help determine how a user interacts with a piece of software or website. This can give valuable feedback on the design, functionality and performance of the product. It is usually used by developers to get user feedback on visual design, ease of use and overall satisfaction.

The concept behind a scroll test is to observe how users interact with an application in real-time. A scroll test is typically conducted by having the user browse through a series of webpages or screens, usually running an animation or video that illustrates how the product should be used in the most efficient manner. During this observation process, the researcher looks for patterns in the user's behavior, such as which areas they focus on and which parts they avoid. The researcher then documents any problems that are noted as hindering the overall usability of the product.

The goal of a scroll test is to provide insightful feedback on three key areas; discoverability, navigability and readability. Discoverability relates to how easily users can find what they are looking for – such as menus or buttons – while navigability relates to their ability to move around and access different parts of an application quickly and intuitively. Readability refers to aspects relating to typeface size, color schemes and contrast levels which all help create an enjoyable experience for users when engaging with content.

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